What is Techniwax 9265?

Kerax Techniwax 9265 is a Micro / Microcrystalline wax which has been developed by our in house team of specialists to offer the best alternative to the soon to be discontinued Shell LMP.

In the not to distant future Shell will be closing their Pernis refinery and with that will cease to produce and supply Shell LMP wax. Shell LMP wax is used extensively in many applications across several industries and so a subsitute product is required. Techniwax 9265 manufactured by Kerax shares properties that make it a viable substitute for Shell LMP in many applications.

As well as Shell LMP Techniwax 9265 also offers a replacement for Techniwax 9210.

Kerax Microcrystalline Waxes are used in:
  • tire and rubber manufacture
  • candle manufacture
  • adhesive manufacture
  • cosmetic manufacture
  • jewellery casting
  • and more...

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About Kerax

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